Some of our children in Year 6 are selected to be prefects. Their job is to represent the children of our school. They are chosen by teachers as examples of pupils with exemplary  behaviour and attitude.  Prefects are  role models to others and have a track record of working hard to improve our school. They also help younger pupils follow our school rules and to be a good example to others.


What are the responsibilities of a Prefect?

• Modelling good behaviour for other children;

• Helping visitors who come to the school;

• Organising other pupils during whole school events;

• Working with the teachers to make our school the best it can be


At Barrowford St Thomas, our prefects take their job very seriously and want our school to be the best it can be.

Our current Prefects are Jessica, Fern, James Hollingworth, James Burt, Amelia, Holly, Martha and Aysha