The school follows the Religious Education Syllabus devised by Blackburn Diocese and incorporates a wide range of topics centred on Christian teaching. Lessons include many aspects of the Christian faith including increasing the knowledge of the Bible; relating religious teaching to current society and understanding the significance of main events in the church’s calendar. Some topics are revisited each year so that children may increase their understanding in line with their increasing maturity.

As not all of our children are Christians, parents do have the right to withdraw children from worship and Religious Education lessons. Alternative provision for a child’s education would be made should a parent wish this. Currently, all parents choose for their children to take part in all of our worship and curriculum arrangements. Either way our school will always uphold and fully respect parents’ wishes.

The Role of other Faiths and Cultures

Our school promotes the fundamental British value of  respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

As part of our aim to help children fully embrace society and the wider world community, other faiths are valued and treated with respect.

Our RE syllabus, created by Blackburn Diocese, incorporates the teaching of two other main world religions. As such, whilst the majority of the curriculum is centred around Christianity, some time will be spent on Judaism and Islam.

Blackburn Diocesan board of education website:

All children at Barrowford St Thomas are encouraged to embrace the diversity of life offered within our world. We work towards this goal through education against ignorance. Wherever possible, we look to visitors to help support our aim so that learning is accurate, meaningful and enjoyable. Through the 'Building Bridges' project, Pendle we have a link with Whitefield Infant School in Nelson. The school population at Whitefield Infant school is predominately Muslim. Our Year 2 pupils visit the pupils in Whitefield and they come to visit us. For example, this year the children from Whitefield Infant school spent a morning with us and visited St Thomas' Church.

We believe in the importance of all our pupils visiting different places of worship throughout their time with us. Our children also visit different denominations of the Christian Church and ensure that our children develop their understanding of multi-cultural Christianity.

The RE subject leader is Mrs Michelle White


Religious Education Policy


'Off the Shelf' RE resource produced by Blackburn Diocese


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