Class 1 news and photos

Spring 1st Half Term- Class Topic - Bears

This half term we have been focusing upon the topic of Bears. Below are a few photographs of some of the different activities we did over the half term. 

We used 2Paint on Purple Mash to create our own bears. 

Spring 2nd Half Term- Class Topic- Space

Together we thought about the different things we knew about Space. We knew some of the names of the Planets but over the last few weeks we have been finding out more about them.

Here we are naming and putting all the Planets in order. We discovered that there are 8 planets. 

Playing in our Space Role Play area. We have dressed up as Astronauts and visited different planets. On our journey we also met aliens. The children chose from a selection of dressing up clothes to make themselves into aliens. 

Expressive Art and Design

In class we used pastels and black paper to create the different planets. We looked at the different colours on each planet. We used yellows, reds and oranges for the warm planets and we used whites and blues for the cold planets. 

Some of us went outside and using chalk we again created the different planets. We thought about the size, colour and whether the planets had rings too. Can you spot which planets we did?