Art and Textile Club

Our art and textile club ran last academic year and took place in the summer term 2023 with our KS1 children. 

The club is run by Mrs McLoughlin who is one of our parents, but is also an art and textile teacher.

Last year, our Year 5 and 6 children created a mixed media collage piece inspired by the work of Pete Cromer. He is a contemporary Australian artist who is inspired by wildlife and his work is renowned for bursts of glowing colour and beautiful textures, all reflected in his bold collages and paintings.

The children all produced amazing mixed media paintings inspired by his work. They considered scale and proportion when drawing their chosen animal or bird then chose bold colours to carefully paint their piece. Finally they added collaged papers and some children added outlines to define the features.

All the students tried really hard, helped with organising and tidying the classroom, made complimentary comments about each other’s work and everyone had lots of fun.

Have a look at the amazing images they have produced.