We have four classes in our small school.

  • Class 1 is mainly a Reception class although Year 1 pupils do become part of the class, mainly in the afternoons.
  • Class 2 is a mixed-aged Year 1 and Year 2 class. There are two teachers each morning to split the Year 1 and Year 2 cohorts. 
  • Class 3 is a mixed-aged Year 3 and 4 (lower junior) class.
  • Class 4 is a mixed-aged Year 5 and 6 (lower junior) class.

Staffing organisation from September 2021

aut 2021


Teaching Assistant

Class 1

Mrs Lahey


Miss Crawford until 22.9.21

Mrs Jackson from 1.11.21

Mrs Marsh

Mrs Marsh (lunchtime supervision)

Class 2

Mrs White (full time)

Mrs Wiggans: am only

Mrs Harper

Miss Slater (lunchtime supervision until 20.9.21)

Miss Nickson (lunchtime supervision from 1.10.21) 

Class 3

Miss Evans

Mrs McQuillan (HLTA)

Mrs Alderson (1:1 support)

Mrs Ratcliffe (lunchtime supervision)

Class 4

Mr Haines (deputy headteacher)

Mrs Wilshaw

Mrs Wilshaw (lunchtime supervision)


Additional TA support (pm only) from Miss Slater (until the end of September); Miss Nickson from 1.10.21

PPA and other release

Release provided by Mrs McQuillan (HLTA), Mrs Bannister (casual teacher) and Mrs Duckworth

Intervention  in KS1/KS2

recovery catch-up

Mrs Wilshaw

After school club

Miss Slater until the end of September

Miss Nickson from 1.10.21

Mrs Ratcliffe

Click on the four classes below to see examples of the children's work and activities.

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4