Class 4 news and photos




Some of Year 6 made a last day powerpoint.


We had a fantastic day on Tuesday when the children dressed in their finery to board the Titanic for a great day of exploration and learning more about the sinking of the Titanic.

First we boarded the ship.

The children were then given the names of real passengers or crew to research.

The children learnt all about Jack Phillips and Harry Bride who manned the Marconi machine to send distress messages.  Then they learnt the basics of morse code and sent messages to each other outside in the yard.

After lunch, there was the much anticipated Titanic trial, where the main people involved in the tragedy were questioned and a verdict was reached by majority decision..... J Bruce Ismay was found to be guilty by almost all those who took part.

A great day ended with an afternoon tea in the hall, complete with ragtime music.



Over the last two weeks, Class 4 have been working on their Enterprise Week project.  The children were asked to design a Christmas themed biscuit for homework.  We chose 6 winning designs from a great deal of high quality work.  Some of the children even made biscuit samples!  The 6 winning designers then headed teams pitching to become the overall winner.  We held a Dragon's Den event last Friday afternoon, when each team presented their 'pitch'.  It was a difficult decision, but Chloe's design was picked to be the overall Class 4 biscuit design.  Throughout the following week, Mrs Wilshaw and the children baked up a storm and 120 biscuits were made and iced.  A great effort by all concerned.  In our maths lessons, we learnt about costs and profit and worked out a price for our biscuits and how much to sell them for.  At the Christmas Fair, our biscuits sold out within the first hour!  More pictures to follow.


Dragon's Den

Christmas Fair