Relationship, Health and Sex Education


At St. Thomas’s our vision for PSHE is that all children develop the knowledge and skills they need to keep themselves healthy, safe and prepared for life in our ever changing world. We aim to develop children’s confidence and resilience to enable them to make positive choices in their lives.

Our PSHE curriculum is tailored to meet our children’s needs and through the topics –


  • Families and close positive relationships
  • Friendships
  • Managing hurtful behaviour and bullying
  • Safe relationships
  • Respecting self and others

Health and wellbeing

  • Healthy lifestyles (Physical wellbeing)
  • Mental health
  • Ourselves, growing and changing
  • Keeping safe
  • Drugs, alcohol and tobacco

Living in the wider world

  • Shared responsibilities
  • Communities
  • Media literacy and digital resilience and online safety
  • Economic wellbeing: Money
  • Economic wellbeing: aspirations, work and career

Through these topics children will have the opportunities to explore their attitudes, values and beliefs about issues. They are taught skills, language and strategies that they will need to manage these issues if they ever need to.

At St Thomas' we use a variety of resources as recommended by the PSHE Association; in particular we buy into and utilise 1Decision (a PSHE Association Quality Assured Resource) as a main teaching resource.


Long term plan

Scheme of work

Resources linked to scheme of work

What the children should know and remember in PSHE

Statutory Guidance


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