At Barrowford St Thomas School we are committed to supporting and promoting positive emotional health and wellbeing of all our school community (children, parents, carers and staff).

We recognise how important positive mental health and emotional wellbeing is to our lives just the same as physical health.

We take a whole school approach to creating a culture of happiness and wellness by:

  • having clear leadership, vision, strategy and plans for improvement.
  • creating a safe and supportive environment
  • creating a culture where mental health can be talked about openly
  • providing high quality health and wellbeing education
  • developing a wellbeing policy for the whole school community
  • have strategies in place to support children at risk and who are struggling with their mental health
  • have clear procedures for referral of pupils or families in need, working closely with the SEND to ensure linked services
  • support staff mental health and wellbeing.