Class 2 news and photos

Spring Term 1 2021 - 2022

Happy New Year to you all!

Welcome back to another fun packed term of exploring, discovering and learning, we know that you are all going to have lots of fun. Our topic is 'Robots', where we will be writing a story in a fantasy setting and then an explanation text on how a robot toy works. We will be looking at how toys have changed over time in History and welcoming grandparents in to talk about toys from when they were young and also a visit from Mrs Jolly, who will teach us some Victorian games and songs. 

In RE we will be looking at the Church and different places of worship, where we will visit our local Mosque in Nelson. We will be conducting some experiments in Science to do with our senses, as well as looking at different  parts of our body. 

On Friday 14th January 2022, we visited the Ghausia Masjid Mosque at Nelson. Imam Khalid Mehmood showed us around the mosque and explained the basics of faith, prayer and the day to day activities that take place there. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about a different place of worship.

In our Science lessons we have been learning about our senses and the different parts of our body that we use for our senses. We had a great afternoon using our sense of smell and taste to try and identify different smells and whether the food tasted bitter/salty or sweet. We learned that everyone has taste buds on their tongue and that different people have different tastes.

We have been learning about toys from the past in History. We were very lucky because one of the children's grandparents came in and brought some toys from when she was our age. We made a timeline with the toys and learnt 8 new historical words!

We were extremely lucky to have a cheerleading lesson from an outside agency in one of our PE lessons. It was really good fun and we enjoyed using pompoms! 

Carrying on with our senses work in Science, we carried out an experiment, to see which junk material would make the best ear defenders. Once we had made our ear defenders, we measured how effective they were, by listening to a loud piece of drilling and then measuring the distance we walked, until we couldn't hear the drilling with a metre stick. It was great fun!

In RE we have been looking at different artefacts, that we might see in a church. We went to visit our church and went on a treasure hunt seeing if we could spot the artefacts on our sheet. Reverend Julie also talked to us about all the different people that make up the church family and the important jobs that they do in church.

Autumn Term 2 2021 - 2022

We hope that you have all had a great half term break and are looking forward to another exciting term in Class 2. Our new topic is 'Winter Wonderland' where we have lots of fun filled learning to be explored. There will be a trip to Gawthorpe Hall, to learn about a Victorian Christmas and we will be able to take part in activities. We will also have a visit from a theatre group to perform the story of The Snow Queen, which Year 2 will be looking at in our English lessons. Our nativity this year is called The First Christmas and we will be busy rehearsing this and learning Christmas carols, which will be lots of fun.

On Tuesday 3rd November, Year 2 went to the Leisure Box to meet up with our friends from Whitefield School. This is a project run by Building Bridges which aims to help people to develop friendships that cross cultural and community boundaries. As you can see we all had a super time.

To introduce our new topic of Winter Wonderland the Year 2's wrapped up warm and went outside to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. We then discussed what we already knew about winter.

In our RE lessons we have been looking at God and Creation. We created some things ourselves and talked about how it felt to be creative and how God might have felt. We then took our learning outside and had a close look at some of God's wonderful creations.

As part of our PSHE lessons we looked at the importance of keeping safe on Bonfire Night. We now know what to do if our clothes catch fire - STOP! DROP! ROLL!

Class 2 had lots of fun playing out in the unexpected snow fall that happened! It added lots of meaning to our topic 'Winter Wonderland!'

We had lots of fun in Class 2 performing our nativity 'The First Christmas' to our families. Our teachers thought we were amazing!

Class 2 went to Gawthorpe Hall on Friday 10th December 2021 to see a Victorian Christmas. Here we met the 'real' Father Christmas, played some victorian christmas games, made a decoration for our tree and helped out in the kitchen where there were lots of delicious smells! We had lots of fun and it really got us into the christmas spirit.

On Monday 13th December 2021, Class 2 had a visit from a theatre group, who performed The Snow Queen for us. This was fascinating, especially as Year 2 had studied this book in their English lessons. The children all thought it was a magical experience.

We had a great time at our Christmas party with Class 1. We played Christmas Corners, Pass the Parcel and did lots of energetic dancing! Father Christmas even made a surprise appearance on Zoom and left us all a present! We are very lucky children at St Thomas.

Autumn Term 1 2021 - 2022

Welcome back to Class 2!

We have got lots of exciting topics for you this year and we know you are going to have lots of fun whilst learning. Our first topic is  "Home Sweet Home" and in our History and Art lessons we are going to be focussing on different buildings around Barrowford. We are going to have a walk around Barrowford village and visit Pendle Heritage Centre to learn about the Bannister family and the history of the house.

Science - We went on a hunt around our school identifying different objects and the materials they were made from and whether they were natural or man-made.

Tuesday 7th September 2021 - Walk around Barrowford village and visit to Pendle Heritage Centre.

In our RE lessons we have been looking at some similarities and differences between our world and Jesus' world. To help us understand more we tasted some food that Jesus would have eaten. It was decided that our food was definately better as Jesus would not have eaten KFC or McDonalds!!!

We learnt from Reverend Julie, that Israel where Jesus lived, is still a thriving country now. Reverend Julie has visited the Holy Land and came in to talk to us about Israel now and what it would have been like in Jesus time.

Year 2 have been writing their own traditional tales with a twist, based on the story of the 3 Little Pigs. Here they are practising orally retelling their own story from their plan, using vocabulary that they have learnt from the original story.

We have been enjoying learning cricket skills with a professional cricketer, Joe Scudari every week in Class 2. As you can see we have had lots of fun and learnt many new skills.

Class 2 news and photos

What have we been doing in autumn 1 2020

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Autumn 2 - Having Snow much fun in Class 2!!


We have enjoyed making clay penguins and painting pictures, where we had to mix colours, to make different tones and shades in our art lessons.

We had lots of fun guessing what our new book was going to be in our English lessons! It was 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. We enjoyed getting into roles of the characters by doing some hot seating which helped us write some great character descriptions.


In RE we looked at the Jewish harvest festival 'Sukkot'. We enjoyed making our versions of 'Sukkahs'.

Guided Reading and array work in maths.

Summer 1- Fire! Fire!

DT- making our own model fire engines. 

English- learning about Zog and the great fire of London.