Gardening in curriculum time and our after-school Club

Gardening Club: November 2022/February - July 2023. 

Following last year's successful Gardening club, the club re-started in the autumn term and ran for four weeks, mainly based in our polytunnel. For one activity the children created some winter/Christmas pots with spring flowering bulbs and shrubs to sell at our Christmas Fair. Gardening re-started in February. 

Our gardening sessions take place every Monday after school until 4.15pm.

Our after school Gardening club was (and will be) for up to 12 KS1 and KS2 children. There is a small weekly charge to attend this club to cover the cost of resources.

Our Easter Garden and the tomb created by the children in Gardening Club 2023

Example of Gardening plan

What have we be done so far:

  • Tidied up the polytunnel, removing rubbish and sorting pots. 
  • Lovingly looked after our apple seedlings that we have been given from Grandad Ed- each child has one tree seedling each. 
  • Designed and discussed plans for our Easter garden and  looked at the Easter Story in the Bible for inspiration - last week the children started to build it. 
  • Used their maths and problem solving skills to measure and mark out an equal plot of land for each child. They have  been weeding the plots ready for planting. 
  • Sowed seeds especially for flowers with wildlife in mind as the children have identified that they want to encourage more biodiversity into the area - later we will be looking more in depth at creatures in the garden especially bees, insects, worms  and birds and why they are so important to us. 
  • Had some free play as this is something they identified as a need. 

The following weeks we will be:  

  • completing  the RHS School Gardening awards level 1 - 3 where on completion we will receive certificates for each level,  a £200 grant , a school gardening book, and a  £50 national Garden voucher. 
    • Level 1 - describe your gardening plans in 80 words 
    • Level 2 - describe our gardening activities in 80 words; who is involved what key skills are being taught and what are our achievements so far 
    • Level 3 - write 200 words about a mini project based on healthy eating, wildlife in the garden, composting and recycling or exploring a curriculum topic through the garden. I'll let the children decide which topic - could you ask the teachers if they have ideas of up and coming curriculum activities we can explore through the garden and I can put this to the children as an option they can choose? 
  • We will be sowing seeds for herbs, fruit and vegetables
  • tidying the polytunnel and weeding .