School Improvement Priorities 2023 - 24


Improve Oracy and classroom talk

  • Have an ambitious vision for oracy which ensures that teachers set high expectations for oracy in their classrooms.
  • Build a culture of oracy which ensures that teachers value every voice.
  • Have a sustained and wide-ranging curriculum for oracy in which oracy is explicitly taught
  • Recognise that oracy is central to learning and elevates learning
  • Teachers are able to appraise progress in oracy.


Improve assessment of foundation subjects

  • Establish systems and procedures for summative and formative assessment including whole class assessment templates, formative/summative outcomes from cumulative quizzing, explanative assessment tasks, structured assessment tasks
  • Establish Pupil Book Study with all subject leaders to help quality assure the curriculum


To embed an ethic of excellence across the curriculum

  • Create a culture of excellence at Barrowford St Thomas
  • Improve children’s work through producing multiple drafts, linked to critique
  • Give the children more opportunities to make their work public
  • Improve presentation of work, including handwriting


Ensure that our school’s distinctive Christian vision is established enabling pupils and adults to flourish.

  • Improve the teaching of religious education in school through the introduction of the revised Blackburn Diocesan scheme of work.
  • There are increased opportunities for our pupils to become courageous advocates.
  • Prayer spaces are developed and used around school.
  • Our children are enabled to reflect on different themes of collective worship and are involved in planning/delivering/evaluating worship