School Improvement Priorities 2021 - 22

Key Priority

1: Raise outcomes in mathematics by teaching for mastery

  1. Improve teacher knowledge
  2. Develop mathematical planning that reflects a Teaching for Mastery approach
  3. Establish whole-school approach to the mastery approach
  4. KS2 Staff have a greater understanding of how to teach using the Concrete-Pictoral-Visual approach
  5. Further improve teacher modelling within a maths mastery lesson.
  6. Maths working walls are used effectively
  7. Improve the children’s understanding of mathematical vocabulary

2: Continue to develop and enhance progression in knowledge, vocabulary and conceptual development across the school's curriculum


  1. Ensure our curriculum for science, music, MFL (French) and PSHE is coherently planned and sequenced towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills for future learning and employment.
  2. Ensure our curriculum is successfully adapted and developed to be ambitious and meet the needs of pupils with SEND, developing their knowledge, skills and abilities to apply what they know and can do with increasing fluency and independence.
  3. Begin process of creating knowledge organisers for geography, history, DT & art focusing on key knowledge for assessment


  1. The teaching of science, music, MFL (French) and PSHE is outstanding
  2. Review and improve our assessment of foundation subjects.

3: Review our feedback policy ensuring that teacher feedback improves pupil learning in all classes

Key Principles (following EEF advice)

  1. Lay the foundations for effective feedback
  2. Deliver appropriately timed feedback that focuses on moving learning forward
  3. Plan for how pupils will receive and use feedback


  1. Carefully consider how to use purposeful, and time-efficient written feedback
  2. Carefully consider how to use purposeful verbal feedback


Design our feedback policy that prioritises and exemplifies the principles of effective feedback

4: Review and develop our EYFS curriculum and provision

  1. Ensure the EYFS curriculum is coherently planned and accurately assessed.
  2. Maximise potential within our indoor and outdoor learning environment to ensure high quality opportunities and experiences are offered to children in order to support their learning and development
  3. Ensure children build a strong foundation in number
  4. Ensure children build a strong foundation in phonics and early reading
  5. Support parents/carers to understand the revised Early Learning Goals and ensure that they know how to support their child effectively.
  6. Ensure there is effective transition into Year 1 and analysis of learning gaps with effective planning to address these.

Church School Priority

Ensure that our school’s distinctive Christian vision is established enabling pupils and adults to flourish.

  1. Continue to work with Blackburn Diocese to improve the teaching of religious education in school.
  2. Provide increased opportunities for our pupils to become courageous advocates.
  3. Develop our pupils’ spiritual awareness.
  4. Develop prayer spaces around school.
  5. Ensure our children are enabled to reflect on different themes of collective worship.