Staff team 2021 - 2022

Mrs J Duckworth:  Headteacher

Mr O Haines: Deputy Headteacher and upper KS2 Class Teacher

Miss B Evans:  Lower KS2 Class Teacher NQT until 31.10.21; RQT from 1.11.21

Mrs M White:  KS1 Class Teacher (full time)

Mrs O Wiggans: KS1 Class Teacher (part-time) ECT 

Mrs L Lahey:  Reception Class Teacher

Mrs A McQuillan:  Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Bannister: Casual teacher (providing release including PPA)

Miss S Wilshaw: Teaching Assistant (part-time) and lunchtime supervisor for Class 4

Miss E Slater:  Teaching Assistant, lunchtime supervisor for Class 2 and Funzone Playworker (on maternity leave from 1.10.21)

Miss C Nickson: Teaching Assistant, lunchtime supervisor for Class 2 and Funzone Playworker (covering maternity leave from 1.10.21)

Mrs L Harper: Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Marsh:  Teaching Assistant and lunchtime supervisor

Miss R Crawford: EYFS Teaching Assistant on supply until 22.10.21

Mrs P Jackson: : EYFS Teaching Assistant from 1.11.21

Mrs G Chapman:  School Business Officer (full-time)

Mrs N Rides: School Administrative Officer (part-time)

Mrs J Ratcliffe:  Lunchtime supervision in Class 3; Funzone Playworker

Mr P Durham: Temporary Site Supervisor and cleaner

Ms C Bancroft:  Welfare Assistant and Cleaner (currently absent)

Mr P Jones:  Site Supervisor (currently absent)


Employed by Lancashire Catering to provide school dinners

Mrs E Leigh: School Cook 

Mrs J Roberts: Kitchen assistant

Mrs L Bannister: Kitchen assistant


Employed by Lancashire Music Service to teach guitar and violin

Mr C Waddington: guitar teacher

Mrs K Hoyle: violin teacher


Employed by Lancashire ICT Services to provide ICT support

Mr Sam Surtees: ICT technician


Private piano teacher

Mrs Meena Tomlinson


Private cricket teacher (curriculum time and after school until the end of aut 1)

Mr Joe Scuduri


Sports Cool provide sports coaches at lunchtime and after school.


Staff who release teaching staff + supply teachers

Our trained Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA) is Mrs McQuillan and a casual teacher on our staff roll, Mrs Lisa Bannister teach classes when the class teacher is not available and also provide cover for some staff during Planning, Preparation and Assessment time. Mrs Paula Jackson who will take on the EYFS TA role is a qualified teacher and will be providing PPA release in our Reception Class from 1.11.21.

Lancashire Teaching Agency (Reed) will be used to provide a supply teacher if we are unable to provide cover internally; the agency attempt to send staff who have been to the school before. We currently have two members of staff on long term supply from Reed: Miss R Crawford (until 22.10.21) and Miss C Nickson (from 27.9.21)