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Our vision is to be a school where all can flourish and grow in God's love.

  2. Class 3

Class 3 news and photos

We have been having lots of fun across the curriculum. Please enjoy some photos of our learning highlights!

Summer 1 2024

Our topic this half term was 'Tomb raiders'.


In science we have been learning about teeth and the digestive system.


In History we have been learning about the ancient Egyptians. We learnt how crucial the river Nile was to them and had a go at making our own hand operated device used by the ancient Egyptians for lifting water called a 'Shaduf'. 

We also had a go at mummifying some tomatoes, we followed a similar (but simplified) process to what the Egyptians would have done when they prepared the bodies of pharaohs before placing them into a sarcophagus. 

Spring 2 2024

Our topic this half term was 'Matchstalk men'.


In art we have been studying the artist L.S Lowry. Here are some pictures of us applying his famous colour palette to one of his drawings.


In English we wrote persuasive letters trying to persuade somebody to visit Manchester. We learnt new persuasive techniques and language and used this in our writing. 


In science we have been learning about plants and their function. We did lots of fun activities and learnt lots of new interesting information!


In RE we have been learning about the key events of holy week. Here are some pictures of us recreating the last supper.


In computing we created our own stop frame animations, here are some examples...

Pyjama day


In the lead up to Easter we made some brilliant Easter bonnets at home to wear at our Easter bonnet parade. We also made Easter cards using pastels, they turned out great!

Spring 1 2024

Our topic this half term was 'Bake off'.


We tasted a variety of different breads and analysed their taste, appearance, smell and texture.  


In Science we have been learning about our skeleton and the different roles it has. Our task was to create a skeleton structure out of straws, that would replicate the ribcage and protect the heart. We used a boiled egg to represent the heart.

Autumn 2 2023

Our topic this half term was 'Smashing Saxons'.

Christmas party

Theatre trip



Autumn 1 2023

Our topic this half term was 'Iron man'. 

Poetry week

We spent a week looking closely at poetry with a particular focus on oracy. The class were split into groups and were given the task of memorising and performing a poem. I then had the hard job of choosing two groups to perform these poems to the rest of the school. The videos below are of the chosen groups.


In French we have learnt how to greet somebody and ask they were. Please watch the videos below to see this in action...


In PE we learnt how to play Boccia. We did lots of aiming practise because throwing accurately is important to play the game well.

Science show

We had a visit from a science show which explored all things magnets and forces. This was really informative, we enjoyed all the experiments! 


In science we have been learning about magnets and forces. Here are some pictures of us testing to see if different materials are magnetic or not. 

Golden day

Our golden day this has half term was based on the UK as it has been our focus in geography. We had a great day completing activities linked to the different parts of the UK. We played bingo in Welsh, made shortbread and Leprechaun puppets. We even got to try samples of different foods from the UK while watching a film!

Summer 2 2023

Our topic this half term was 'keen to be green'. 

Climate change presentations

As part of our homework we created a presentation/poster about climate change, which we then had to present to the rest of the class. We found out lots of interesting information and also worked on applying skills we have learnt in computing.

Here are a few examples...


In DT we have been learning about seasonal foods and how eating food that is seasonal not only tastes better but it better for the environment. Our brief was to make a healthy, seasonal dish. We decided to create a pasta salad. When designing our dish we chose from a range of seasonal vegetables and considered other elements of the eat well plate to ensure the dish was balanced. 

When preparing our vegetables we learnt how to do 'bridge' and 'claw' grip, this ensured that we chopped and sliced our vegetables safely. 

Please enjoy some pictures of our finished products!


In RE we learnt about faith expressed through art. We went on a visit to a mosque, church and a temple to see how each faith expressed their faith through art in different ways. We particularly liked seeing the sculptures made by Arthur Dooley. 


In computing we learnt about branching databases. We had a go at creating our own branching databases using closed questions. This linked well to our science topic as we discovered that in the 18th century Carl Linnaeus created a 'classification key' to classify animals!

Summer 1 2023

Our topic this half term was ‘Invasion’.


This half term our PE sessions have mainly consisted of swimming and cricket (with Joe) but we also managed to squeeze in some throwing and catching practice which came in useful when playing cricket!

Red, white & blue day

A special day to celebrate King Charles III Coronation.


In English we had a go at reading and performing play scripts. We worked really hard on our expression and listened to peer feedback to improve our performances.


In Science we learnt about plants. In this particular lesson we explored the different parts of a flower and discussed their functions.


We had a visit from Marcus the Roman soldier. For the afternoon we were new recruits of the Roman army and Marcus trained us up ready for the role. This involved us completing a Roman army foot drill (with the orders in Latin!). We also got to look at different items of clothing, protective equipment and weapons that the Roman army would have used. A brilliant afternoon!


We did a sponsored penalty shootout to raise money for our chosen charity which is the British Red Cross. It was great fun and we raised an amazing amount of money. Thank you very much for your contributions!

Spring 2

Our topic this half term was ‘Oh Rats!’.


In Science we have been learning about sound. We completed several practical activities. Including placing rice on a drum which allowed us to see the effect of sound vibrations. We also had a visit from Mr Booth (violin teacher) who demonstrated how to change the pitch and volume of sound on his violin. 


In our RE lessons we focused on the events of Holy Week. We discussed throughout whether each event would be described as a joyful event or one of sadness. 


In PE we had a go at some problem solving activities, which involved us working on our communcation and teamwork skills.

World book day 

From Indiana Jones to The Joker...great outfits from everyone!

Spring 1 2023

Our topic this half term was ‘Crime and Punishment’.


In computing we explored using images and short clips linked together to make animation and a short film with a crime scene mystery. Here is an example of one below.


In RE we have been learning about 'Rules for living'. We have been discussing which rules we should follow and have been considering the value and purpose of rules. We came to the conclusion that Christian people follow the ‘rules’ because they love God and try their best to love their neighbours. Here are some pictures of us acting out the story of 'The Good Samaritan', we later wrote our own modern day versions of the story. 


In our fiction unit we have studied playscripts. We read lots of examples which helped us to identify the important features and allowed us to work on our expression when reading. At the end of the unit we wrote our own playscript based on a section of Gangsta Granny, which was our class novel.


In science we learnt out bones and muscles. We learnt the scientific names for some bones ans muscles and also found out a lot about their functions within the body. Here are some pictures from an experiment we did which looked at the importance of the spine being made up of more than one bone, 'vertebrae'. 


Initially, we put a pipe cleaner (spinal cord) into a straw (vertebrae) and found that it was quite difficult to bend the straw. We then cut the straw up into smaller parts (which replicated several vertebrae) and found that it was much easier to move!


In DT we have been designing our own jewellery boxes. We made nets and created our own structures using art straws, which was very fiddly and required  concentration and reliance.


In music we have been playing recorders, I hope you enjoy a short sample of what we have been playing...

Chinese day

We had a brilliant day off-curriculum learning about all things Chinese in celebration of the Lunar New Year. We learnt all about the history of the Lunar New Year and completed lots of different activities, we even enjoyed a Chinese themed lunch.

Here is a video of us playing the drums in our music workshop...

As well as the music workshop, we made a paper chain Chinese dragon, a bookmark with our name written in Chinese and a paper fortune cookie. A great day enjoyed by all.


We have been very lucky this half term to have had two lots of visitors into our class...

Firstly we welcomed Lorna and her colleague Alan. They spoke to us about their roles within the police and gave us lots of insightful information about the criminal justice system and spoke us through the process they must follow before they find somebody guilty of committing a crime. The children (and adults) found this very interesting and has lots of questions to ask.

We then had a visit from Mr Cronin who works as a lawyer and judge. He told us all about what it is like in court and even tried on his wig and gown. This really helpful to develop our understanding of the different roles. Thank you!

This was the reaction of the children when Mr Cronin suggested that Miss Evans should try on his wig!

Autumn 2 2022

Our topic this half term was 'light show'.


In science we have been learning about light and shadows. We have learnt alot of new knowledge and have enjoyed carrying out a range of experiments. 

Identifying and discussing the difference between a 'light source' and a 'reflector'.

Exploring the concept 'darkness is the absence of light'. We tested wether we could see the object in the shoebox clearer with or without a light source.


Our fiction unit this half term was based on the Russian folk tale 'The firebird'. We had fun retelling the story using some of Pie Corbett's story telling actions. We later innovated parts and wrote our own versions. 

Our non-fiction unit was linked to our science topic of 'light and shadows'. We used our new knowledge to write an explanation on 'how shadows are formed'. Here is a picture of us organising our research.

UV dodgeball 

Some of the year 3's attended a UV dodgeball tournament at Pendle Vale. The aim was to be honest and show good sportsmanship. It was a great experience! 


For enterprise we had to come up with something to sell at the christmas fair. We decided on reindeer hot chocolate cones. The process involved calculating the cost of materials, working out how much we should sell each item for in order to make a 'profit' and of course making them. There was some very tricky maths involved but we worked really hard! We were so pleased that so many of you bought from us at the fair and we were elated with the profit we made. Thank you!

Christmas party! 

A great festive afternoon consiting of different party games such as, bingo, corners, musical statues, balloon race, charades and the chocolate game!

We always have a giggle when playing this game...


In DT we made light up christmas cards. The process included designing our cards, creating an eletrical component, making our cards and then evaluating them. We even had to do some problem solving along the way. 

Our finished products! We are all pleased with how they turned out.

In order to add an electrical component to the cards we had to create a simple circuit. The year 4's used their prior knowledge from when we learnt about electricity last year. Great job!

Autumn 1 2022

Our topic this half term was ‘Rock and Roll’.

Diversity day

We had a brilliant day celebrating diversity day. We learnt some basic Ukrainian phrases such as 'How are you?' and 'My name is'. We also learnt some BSL (British Sign Language), thanks to Miss Crawford we can how sign hobbies such as swimming, horse riding and football! Finally, we had a special visit from Grandad Wheels who is an author. We had a great time designing him a new futuristic wheelchair.


In art we created printing blocks out of string and produced our own print of a fossil.


In science we have been learning about rocks, soil and fossils.

We found out that rocks are natural and not made by humans. We sorted objects such as bricks and stones into rocks and non-rocks.

We conducted an experiment to identify sedimentary rocks. We dropped vinegar onto the rocks which reacts with the calcium carbonate found in sedimentary rocks, causing them to fizz or froth.

We took samples of soil and used sieves to observe what soil was made up of. We found things such as small rocks and decaying organic matter.

Identifying rock types using our knowledge of their features.

Trip to Brockholes 

On Monday 26th September we visited Brockholes, where we experienced what life was like during the Stone Age. We had an amazing time!

First was shelter building, after all, to survive you need a shelter to live in. The key to this task was communication.

Next we had fire lighting. We needed fire for warmth, light and cooking in the Stone Age. We were shown how to use flint and sticks to light a fire – it’s not as easy as it looks and perseverance was definitely the key here.

After lunch was hunting time. The children had to test their aim accuracy in this task.

Finally we took part in some Stone Age cave art.

Summer 2 2022

Our topic this half term is 'Raging rivers'

River presentations

As part of our homework we created a presentation about a river of our choice, which we then had to present to the rest of the class. We found out lots of interesting information and also worked on applying skills we have learnt in computing.

Here are a few examples of the presentations produced...


This half term we explored textiles. We had a great time tie dying fabric and trying a new technique called 'weaving'.

Our trip to Towneley Park

On the 28th June class 3 visited Towneley Park to conduct a river study. We went on a walk along the river bank and saw part of the River Calder (we learnt in Geography that this is a major tributary of the River Ribble). During our walk we also helped to get rid of some 'invasive species' called Himalayan balsam, as you can see some of them were bigger than us! 

The fun didn't stop there... 

We also had the opportunity to examine a sample from the river water which contained lots of different creatures (mainly invertebrates). Then we looked at a river table which manipulated what would happen if a river was to flood, we had to try different ways to prevent the flood from damaging the surrounding land. We ended the day with a woodland walk where we saw lots of interesting plants, sculptures and even a money tree!

A fantastic day enjoyed by all.


In science we have been learning about states of matter. We have carried out several interesting experiments and even planned our own scientific enquiry to answer the following question: 'How do I change the state of a material?'

Platinum jubilee celebrations

We returned to school after the Easter break to an action packed few days celebrating the queens platinum jubilee. In class we did lots of different activities for example, making scones, writing poems and solving practical maths problems. To end the celebrations we had a 'street party' where we sang the national anthem and watched class 1 re-enact the queens coronation. 

Summer 1 2022

Our topic this half term is 'Tomb Raiders'


In science we have been learning about teeth and digestion...

We conducted a messy but interesting experiment which demonstrated how the digestive system works. This really helped us to understand the process! 

We were lucky enough to have a visit from a dentist who explained what we need to do to look after our teeth, told us about foods which are good and bad for our teeth and much more. 

Additionally, we did a little experiment to see how we use our teeth when we eat. This involved eating a piece of pear while looking in a mirror (the only time we are excused for eating with our mouths open!)

Animal handling 

What a great morning! We got to see and handle a range of different animals from soft and cuddly to scary and scaly...


In History we have been learning all about the Ancient Egyptians. We had a go at manipulating the mummification process using tomatoes. We left the tomatoes on the windowsill of the classroom for a while and concluded that the process helped to preserve them.

Spring 2 2022

Our topic this half term is 'Bake off!'

Blue & yellow for Ukraine

Design & technology 

An experiment to understand how yeast works in the bread making process...

Bread tasting (world book day style)...

Bread making...


For our fiction unit we looked at folk tales and focused on ‘Stone soup’ by Heather Morris. Enjoy this video of us orally retelling the story.


In science we have been learning about nutrition. We considered the diets of animals (including humans) and conducted an experiment where we predicted how many laps of the yard we would need to run to burn off the calories in a mars bar, we were very shocked at the results!

Spring 1 2022

Our topic this half term is 'Matchstalk men'

Red, white & blue day

We celebrated Queen Elizabeth becoming the first British monarch to reach a platinum jubilee by having a special day where we wore red, white and blue. Some of us even dressed as monarchs. As well as learning about the history of the queen we also created our own postage stamps which included a self portrait, we did a great job! 

Trip to Manchester

Enjoy a selection of pictures from our marvelous trip to Manchester!

Imperial War Museum

As we studied The Battle of Britain last half term, we thought it would be a good idea to incorporate a visit to the Imperial War Museum. We were able to see a variety of artefacts from different wars. We also had a talk from a war veteran and saw a 'big picture show' which was projected onto the walls of the museum, it was fascinating. 

Lowry Art Gallery

In art we have been studying the work of L.S Lowry. We had the privilege of seeing some of his work in the Lowry Art Gallery. We also had the opportunity to sketch some of our favourite pieces, we had a great time!


We have been super busy in English this half term. We have learnt lots of new grammar and have been able to apply this in our writing. We have explored both  fiction and non-fiction writing, producing a letter persuading somebody to visit Manchester and a story with a dilemma. 


Here are some pictures from our practical maths lessons this half term. We played a game which involved us using our position and direction skills.


In science we have been learning about plants. This was one of our favourite lessons because we dissected a real flower which meant we were able to closely observe all its parts, we were very fascinated!

We have also been growing our own bean in a jar on the windowsill in the classroom, look how tall it has got!


In computing we have been working on our touch typing as well as replying to, forwarding and composing emails with attachments. 

Autumn 2 2021

Our topic this half term is 'Our finest hour'

Battle of Britain talk 

On Thursday 16th December we had a visit from Mrs Duckworth’s dad. He gave us a very interesting talk about the Battle of Britain, we expanded our knowledge and learnt first hand about what it was like to live during the battle (we even got to see a real gas mask). We showed our teddy bears that we had made and he was very impressed!

Christmas fun!

Christmas party 

We had a great Christmas party which included lots of games such as; charades, pin the nose on Rudolph and corners. We even played a game where we had to put on items of clothing and cut chocolate with a knife and fork! We finished the day with some crisps, a drink & a surprise present from Father Christmas. Wow!

Peter Pan at The Octagon Theatre 

We travelled to Bolton to watch Peter Pan. We throughly enjoyed the performance and even got an ice cream. What a fantastic afternoon!

Design & Technology 

In DT we have made some adorable teddy bears. This was linked to our history theme, we followed the ‘Make do and mend’ approach by bringing in old items of clothing and turning them into something new. We put a lot of hard work into making them and developed our sewing skills.

Christmas lunch

We had a great afternoon eating our delicious dinner, pulling crackers and listening to Christmas music.

Snow day!

We had snow much fun...


Our Science topic is electricity. We have been learning all about circuits and have been very hands on, we really enjoy working together and conducting experiments.

Physical Education

In PE this half term we have been doing gymnastics. Here our some pictures of us exploring different ways we can travel and practicing different types of rolls (teddy bear, pencil & forward).

Autumn 1 2021

Our topic this half term is 'Iron man'

Poetry recital

Each child chose their own poem, learnt it at home and recited it to the class. We also had some children bring in interesting props including; hula hoops, fluffy dogs, cat ears, socks, scarves and much more. I was very impressed with each child's performance, well done!

Religious Education

In RE this term our topic has been 'Jesus the man who changed lives'. In this lesson we learnt about how Jesus was involved in changing the life of St Paul. We had fun acting out the story in the role of different characters, I think we have some actors in the making!


In English we have been writing diary entries in role as a character from our current class novel 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. We have also drawn a 'life sized' Iron Man based on a description from the book.

We have also been looking at different poems written by Ted Hughes (the author of The Iron Man) here are some pictures of us performing some of his poems.

Physical Education

In PE we have been getting very creative through dance. We have thought hard about different types of movements, keeping in time with the music, working collaboratively while interpreting different scenes from The Iron Man.


In French we have been learning lots of new conversational language for example, how to greet different people, how to say our names and how to ask how somebody is. Below are some examples of conversations between fictional characters that we created.

Summer 1 2021

We have had an amazing first Summer half term in Class 3! We thoroughly enjoyed our topic 'Angry Earth' and learning all about Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis. 

Autumn 2 2020

What a fantastic and fun half term we have had in Class 3 with lots of super, new learning! 

Thank you for all your help and support this half term! I hope you enjoy seeing what the children have been doing.

What have we been doing in autumn 1 2020

Enjoy our Photo-story for autumn 1!