Class 3's Roman Experience!


We were visited by a Roman soldier 'Marcus' who enlisted the whole of Class 3 into the Roman Army!  Check out the pictures and video below to see what we got up to...

Class 3's new Roman recruits were put through their paces with a shield drill.  Check out the video below showing some of the action!

Class 3 welcomed our new friends...

Class 3 were given caterpillars to prepare for their metamorphosis.  The photos of our class with their new buddies are below.  Enjoy!

Visiting Geologist

Class 3 were lucky enough to receive a visit from Ian(a professional geologist).  Ian shared many rock samples with us and talked through his exciting career to date.  We handled minerals, including coal, and even looked for gold!  Thanks Ian, we were really inspired.  You can see some budding geologists in the pictures below:


Class 3 took an exciting trip to Tatton park for our Stone Age topic.  See below for exciting photos and a recount of the trip from our very own James P!






Class 3 Used hot seating and role play to get into character as the Pied Piper of Hamelin.