Team Captains

We have four teams in our school:





For each of these teams we have a team captain from Year 5.

Our team captains have the responsibility for counting up team points each Friday and sharing the scores in our Good News Worship. The team captain has the responsibility for inspiring their team (from Reception to Year 6) to work hard, behave well and gain points for their team.

At the end of each half term, one team is the winner and the team's coloured ribbons are placed on the team point cup (on display in the main entrance area).

On Sports Day in the summer term, each team competes against the other. The team captains spur their team on to do their very best and at the end of sports day, the victorious team, led by the team captain does a victory lap of the school field.

Our team captains in Year 5 are Noah, Kai, Dylan and Daisy.