Statutory Information


  1. School contact details (click here)
  2. Admission arrangements (click here)
  3. OFSTED report (click here) 
  4. Exam and assessment results (click here)
  5. Curriculum (click here)
  6. Behaviour Policy (click here)
  7. School's complaints procedure (click here)
  8. Pupil Premium (click here)
  9. PE and Sports Premium (click here)
  10. SEN and disability information (click here)
  11. Equality Objectives (click here)
  12. Governors' information and duties (click here)
  13. Charging and Remissions policies (click here)
  14. Values and ethos (click here)
  15. Financial Information (click here)

Requests for paper copies

Please note that if any parent requires a paper copy of any information on our school’s website, this will be provided, free of charge.