Behaviour Statement of Principles

Our school policy on behaviour and discipline is clearly guided by our mission statement:

Our mission is to be a school where everyone grows in

God's Love and achieves their full potential.’


Further guidance can be found in the school’s aims and rules and in particular our core Christian values of honesty, wisdom, care for creation, kindness, forgiveness and perseverance. (click here)

Our pupils will need to express care towards all people with whom they make contact, both children and adults, in their daily school lives. Our hope is that this attribute will also be applied outside school by our pupils, in all other walks of life and beyond their primary school years. Self discipline is of prime importance. As a church school, we believe that children are created in the image of God. We want to stress that God cares for his creation and He wants people to care for His world and for each other. Jesus reminded us to ‘love our neighbours as ourselves’. The way in which we behave in our daily lives will indicate whether we are prepared to respond to God’s wishes. School life should be built firmly on a foundation of love, justice, peace, truth and compassion. We will, therefore, want to stress that doing wrong will have consequences which may have to result in sanctions. How we approach this at Barrowford St Thomas CE School is set out in our Behaviour Policy below but we do stress that in all cases of inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour, Christian forgiveness and reconciliation are always available.


Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Policy: September 2020