The Captain Sir Tom Moore 100 Challenge

As part of our class worship, we have invited all our children to take part in a challenge; this is part of our focus on ‘Courage’.

We want to remember Capt. Sir Tom Moore so therefore,  we are now setting our children the challenge of doing something 100 times to raise awareness of something they care about. This could be through an exercise like Captain Sir Tom, drawing or completing an activity for 100 minutes. 



George Roberts has been inspired by Captain Tom to take on the 100 challenge.  George produced 4 pieces of art by spending increasing amounts of time on each one.  He spent 10 seconds on the first, 1 minute on the second, 10 minutes on the third and then 100 minutes on the last one.  I'm sure that you will agree that this is a terrific effort and some beautiful artwork.  Well done George!