What you've been up to!


Sports day!

There were some great sporting events held at home in the last week of term. Here are a few and some of the commentaries that went with them. 

Thomas has made a great PowerPoint about Antarctic food. 

George has been creating more stop motion animation. A future Nick Park maybe?

This week, we've been finding out about Antarctica.  Here are some excellent fact files. 

If you click to download Thomas' factfile, you can navigate around it using the hyperlinks. 

This week, we've been looking at the image of the rainbow in The Bible and our faith.  Here are some of your really thoughtful responses.

In Science, we've been looking at how animals have adapted to life in the rainforest.  Chloe and Emily did some excellent work. 

This week we looked at the incredible life of Percy Fawcett.  Here are some of your timelines and responses.

Here's Thomas' incredibly well researched time line.

Martha wrote some very persuasive arguments for deforestation.

Jessica made an amazing powerpoint and sorting key on newly discovered species.

James is showing off his unusual skills!

Violet and Imogen have been very active every day!

Retelling the Explorer story.  What a creative lot you are!

Chloe retold the story in verse!

Eva told the story in stop motion. Paste the link into your browser and watch Eva's amazing video. 

Addison told the story in her own words!  This is just part of it.  It's not quite the right way round, but I'm sure you'll be able to follow it. 

More fantastic interpretations in words and pictures.

Lots of you have been cooking.  Tasty!

Some of Year 6 had fun completing the Lockdown Sats.  The last task was to create a Lockdown SATs celebration hairstyle.  Here are some of the creative do's. 

Martha did some excellent work on the Yanomami Tribe in the Amazon.

George found a very creative way to present his Amazon food chain!

VE day

Some of you had a great time celebrating.

Addie's been keeping up with her netball skills in the sunshine.

Amazon Rainforest Topic

You have produced some excellent work on our Amazon Rainforest topic so far.  Here is just a small selection.

Ruby made a great (and scary!) powerpoint about piranhas.

More amazing baking skills on show here.  Good job, Olivia, Martha and Noah.

Dante's been using his gardening skills during lockdown.  

Super singers!

Samuel and Hattie have been singing up a storm!

Martha (and Noah) have been painting stones with great messages on.  Great job, you two!

Super Baking!

Violet (and Imogen) have been baking scones. Yum!

PE with Joe

Florence and Jack have done PE with Joe every morning during lockdown.  Excellent job!

Next stop The Apprentice! 

India's been working on a business plan for a flapjack making company.  Are you listening Alan Sugar?

Next stop Bake Off!  Great job, Samuel (with help from Hattie). 

George has been baking bread.  Looks delicious!

Eva's been doing the 30 day Lego challenge.