Class 4 Music



Have a look at the website ‘Sing up’, particularly the ‘Sing up at home’ section:

There are many resources so do feel free to explore. Sing up have created special themed playlists for you ­

Feel free to use these however you'd like!


Song of the week’

This week, Sing Up wanted to take a moment to celebrate families – how different they are and how important they are to all of us. That's why their 'Song of the Week' is the brilliant, big-hearted What makes a family. It's so singable and feels like exactly the thing we need - we think you'll love it.

Join in and learn to sing and sign the Makaton with singer songwriter Al Start.


However, I am still encouraging you to learn 'One moment, one people' which can now be found in the section 'Empowering/Inspiring'. Click on that box and you will find the song in the list. You will be able to access a track with vocals, a backing track and the lyrics. I would love to hear some of you sing it, if you could send me a video.



This term, your child's topic is 'Amazing Amazon'. 'Anthem for the Amazon' is a stunning call to action by 500 children from around the world singing to protect the Amazon. Footage includes indigenous children from Peru. Video by Amazon Aid and Rotu studios.

You can listen to the song or you can sing along with the lyrics version. For those that play an instrument, the sheet music is also available. You can also print off the lyrics.

Maybe you could write your own anthem for the Amazon?



If you have any difficulties accessing Charanga Yumu, please let me know. 

I hope you enjoyed listening and moving to 'Dancing in the Street' by the Martha and the Vandellas last week. 

Week 2: 

This week, please start to learn to SING the song 'Dancing in the Street'. Click and listen to 'Sing the Song' and then join in, a verse at a time. When you feel ready, use the ‘backing only’ and be the singing stars! Why not use a hairbrush as a microphone!

Continue to have a go at the 'Games Track' - go for those silver and gold challenges. 

This week, listen to a new song and compare with 'Dancing in the Street'. Please click on the box which says 'Ain't no mountain high enough'. Listen to and appraise the song. Click on the 'Appraise' button and consider the questions, i.e. 'Did all the instruments and voices play or sing throughout the song?'. Read the fast facts about the song. Which song do you prefer? 'Dancing in the Street' or 'Ain't no mountain'? Why? 

Try to find and move to the pulse (steady beat) of the music.


Fischy Music


Stephen Fischbacker of Fischy Music has written a new song called, ‘We won’t stop singing’. They are looking for children and adults to sing on a recording. This is what he writes:

“ Obviously we can’t get you to come into the recording studio at the moment but if you check out this link...

... you can find out how to send in your recording. We would love to get as many people as possible, particularly children at this time.  Many thanks! Stephen Fischbacher Creative Director” 

This may be something which you would like to get involved in from home! 


Online learning: Electronic Music Production 

Beat Drop...

Are you interested in accessing a free online mini course for children aged 8-15 who are brand new to the world of electronic music production. They are based in Canada so ensure you check the time zone and you can access the pre-recorded lessons:


Have fun!

Mrs Duckworth

Super Singing!

Samuel and Hattie have been enjoying singing at home.