Class 4 Art Gallery

There's been some fantastic art work going on at home.  Here's a selection from our amazingly creative children.

Antarctic Art

Some great art in the style of Nerys Levy.

Doodle Mania

Lots of encouraging doodles.

Here's a selection of your Henri Rouseau inspired pictures.

Oliver's been honing his art skills during the lockdown.  Here's some of his work.

Rainforest Creatures  A parade of sloths, chameleons, monkeys and frogs. 

Chloe's been working on her cartoon skills and this Elsa is life size!

Holly's been creating some great art work to keep people positive. 

Today brought some great paintings, drawings and collages of rainforest scenes.  Well done everyone. 

The Explorer

We had some fantastic responses to the sketch the setting task.

Rainforest birds

Holly's Poster

Easter art

More cheery doodles!

Cheery doodles!

Greek vases