Class 3 Music



Have a look at the website ‘Sing up’, particularly the ‘Sing up at home’ section:

There are many resources so do feel free to explore. Sing up have created special themed playlists for you ­

Feel free to use these however you'd like!


Class 3 Topic: Raging Rivers

This half term, your child's topic in Class 3 is 'Raging Rivers'. This is a lovely opportunity for cross-curricular music.

Sing up: Water Cycle Song

Why not learn this song from 'Sing up'. It is an upbeat number packed with facts about water's journey from land to sky to sea, including the importance of rivers.

The water cycle song (click here)

Other songs:

Row row row your boat: Try singing this one as a round (if your parents are willing!)

Messing about on the river (click here)

Lyrics for 'Messing about the river'

When the weather is fine you know it's the time
For messin' about on the river
If you take my advice there's nothing so nice
As messin' about on the river 
There's big boats and wee boats ands all kinds of craft
Puffers and keel boats and some with no raft
With the wind in your face there's no finer place
Than messin' about on the river
There are boats made from kits that'll reach you in bits
For messin' about on the river
And you might want to scull in a glass fibred hull
Go messin' about on the river
Anchors and tillers and rudders and cleets
Ropes that are sometimes referred to as sheets
With the wind in your face there's no finer place
Than messin' about on the river
Skippers and mates and rowing club eights
All messin' about on the river
Capstans and quays where you tie up with ease
All messin' about on the river
Inboards and outboards and dinghies you sail
The first thing you learn is the right way to bale
In a one man canoe you're both skipper and crew
Messin' about on the river
Moorings and docks, tailors and locks
All messin' about on the river
Whirlpools and weirs that you must not go near
Messin' about on the river
Backwater places all hidden from view
Mysterious wee islands just waiting for you
So I'll leave you right now, go cast off your bow
Go messing about on the river


Messing about in a boat From the Musical Wind in the Willows by Anthony Stiles and George Drew 

This is a beautiful song sung by Mole and Ratty when Mole first sees the river and goes for a ride in Ratty's boat. I was lucky to perform in this show two years ago. I played the Jailer's daughter, a wassailing mouse and a carthorse! Have a listen to this beautiful song (click here).



Song of the week’

Don't forget to have a go (or at least listen to) Sing Up's song of the week.


Virtual Big Sing

Lancashire Music Service's Virtual Big Sing is nearly here – follow the daily videos on the LMS YouTube Channel from Monday next week to learn the songs and then join in on Thursday 25 June when children and families from all over Lancashire will be singing in our virtual performance with singing leaders Emma and Tim.


Making Music at Home from BCMG...

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group have put together some composing activities you can do at home, with and without instruments. It looks really good, for example, finding objects in your garden or your home.

Click on this link to find out more:


For further free online music resources for parents (please click here)


Have fun!

Mrs Duckworth