Welcome to the Class 3 Home learning page.  When possible, tasks for children to do will be uploaded on school days. 

Friday 17th July 2020

Farewell Friday!

Good morning everyone!  We have reached the end of this school year.  It's a sad time to say goodbye to some and an exciting time looking forward to the future for others.  You have all worked so hard this year and should be immensely proud of your effort during this unprecedented time of Home Learning.  Today I have set you a few farewell activities to join in with if you wish.  I will keep our See-Saw account live over the summer so feel free to check in with me and share whatever you get up to.  Thank you for the excellent and often hilarious things you have shared, said and done during this time away from school and although I have missed all of you, I feel that we have managed to keep the spirit of Class 3 going throughout.  I cannot wait to see and teach all of you next year in my new role at school.  Have a superb summer - you deserve it!  Stay happy and stay safe!

Mr H


Zoom Video Meeting:
Well done for those who made it onto Zoom on Tuesday.  That was our last meeting before the Summer Holiday.  It was great to see you working hard.  Remember to stay in touch through See-saw and have a great summer!

See-Saw has been a revelation.  We managed to produce over 7000 pieces of work over this period.   That is a testament to your outstanding attitudes to learning and the hard work both of children and parents.  Great effort everyone!


Your Learning Activities for Today:


Guided Reading:

Unfortunately, we didn't get to complete the River Singers before the holidays.  Please try to complete the book at home over the holidays.  You can read alone or with an adult.  You can even share the reading out.  I have attached a book review that you can complete if you wish to.  I was desperate to find out what happened to Sylvan and the others.  I hope that the ending leaves you feeling satisfied.


I have set a final day TT Rockstars Battle of the Bands.  Who will come out on top?


Word of the Day:

Today’s word of the day is poisoned.  What does it mean?  Can you write it in a sentence?



Time Capsule::

We have finished another year. I wonder how you have grown and changed in that time. Complete this Time Capsule sheet to record your feelings now. You also drew a self portrait in September so I'd like you to draw a new one today. We can compare these with your thoughts and pictures back at the start of the year in September. I wonder if you've changed much. Send me your sheet and I'll send back a copy of your original!

General Information and Resources:

Below are a set of resources that may be useful to look at as and when required.

Below is a list of words that children in year 3/4 should be able to spell independently.  Regular practise of these words would be useful.