Welcome to the Class 3 Home learning page.  When possible, tasks for children to do will be uploaded on school days.  When possible, answers will be uploaded the following day. 

Friday 3rd April 2020

Easter Holidays Challenge!

I have decided to set you a project activity for the Easter holidays.  This is optional so only do it if you have free time and an inclination!  Your challenge is to make a baking soda rocket and see how high you can (safely) fire it!  This should only be done with adult help as it can get messy and explosive!  I would love to see some of these posted to See-Saw when I check back in after our break.

Video Meeting:
Well done to the everybody who managed to access Zoom for our video calls.  Some super reading and great answering of the questions together.  It has been  lovely to have these chats this week.  We will try to do this again the week commencing Monday 20th (after the Easter holiday).  In the meantime, stay safe and have fun.

See-Saw is going great - I've had more than 400 pieces of work submitted, so you are keeping me busy with likes and comments!  Keep it up everyone.  I will upload more images as and when I get pictures and permission.  Parents - can you add a comment to any pictures of children's work (that contain pictures of the child themselves) if you are happy for these to go on school's website?  Thanks.

The Class 3 See-Saw Wall of Fame:

Check out the links and images of work completed so far.  Well done to Chloe, Kai, Natalie & Noah B, Jack D, Taylor-James, Emily, Oliver & Jacob, Jack B, Marnie, Flynn, Dylan, Noah R, Freddie, Kayden and Freya.

Noah R's Fraction wall and explanation:


Noah R and Hattie's baking projects:



Lyla, Noah R, Finley and Scarlett's writing:





 Arthur's Super Speech work!

Story Time with Kayden!

This is Kayden reading his story to us.  Great work Kayden!

Finding the rhyming pairs

Introducing Blake's new workout video featuring Joe wicks and Blake's family!

Learning Activities for Today:

Guided Reading:

Remember, we will do this together on Zoom if you are available - 10:00am for Year 4 and 11:00am for Year 3.  If you can make it, read pages 96-99 and answer the following:

  1. Find and copy three adjectives used to describe the boat.
  2. What does Mike Teavee do to the boat?
  3. What does Grandpa Joe think of Veruca Salt? Find and copy a phrase that tells you.
  4. What does Willy Wonka give Charlie and his grandpa? Why


We are going to continue to look at perimeter today.  Watch the clip at BBC Bitesize https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zvmxsbk/articles/zsr4k7h again if you are unsure.  Once you have done this, complete the perimeter worksheets below.  The first one is simpler so you can build up to a greater challenge if you are confident. I’ll put this on see-saw for you too.  Note that the answers on on the second page so you can check your work.



Become a ‘Speech Superhero’ by completing the speech activity on See-Saw.  If you enjoy this and want an extension, try writing your own creative speech sentences.  Make sure that you use punctuation before and after the speech as well as adding the inverted commas.


I want you to get creative with an Easter theme.  Have you ever seen a Faberge Egg?  They are beautiful and being egg-like are linked to Easter (sort of)!  Research a Faberge Egg and try to create your own using pencil.  If you have colours at home (either pencil, felt tip or paint) please do add this to make your egg even more special.  I’d love to see some uploaded pictures on See-Saw.

General Information and Resources:

Below are a set of resources that may be useful to look at as and when required.

Below is a list of words that children in year 3/4 should be able to spell independently.  Regular practise of these words would be useful.