Science - To finish off our topic on Minibeasts the children made Bug Hotel's in their gardens. We eagerly await to see if they have any visitors!

RE - We have written prayers this week to Jesus asking him to help us with our worries.

This week our focus was 'The Zoo'. The children designed a persuasive poster to encourage people to visit Chester Zoo. They then became researchers and chose animals in the zoo and created fact files for the visitors. The children also wrote poems based on the 'Zoo'. A fantastic week of writing Class 2 - well done!

This week our English focus has been on Bears. The children created a fact file on Bears and then did a character description for 2 famous bears - Paddington Bear and Baloo from the Jungle Book.

Our Science topic is 'Minibeasts', so this week the children have been doing some Art/DT and making 'Bees'.

In English this week, we have been looking at stories by Oliver Jeffers. The children wrote some letters, to the astronomer in the story, 'How to catch a star'.

This week we have been looking at the Mr Men and Little Miss characters by Roger Hargreaves. Class 2 have learnt how to draw some of the characters, designed their own Mr Man or Little Miss Character and written a story about them.

Introducing the new Mr Men and Little Miss characters by Class 2!

Art Work

Stories by Class 2

RE/PSHE - We are going to be looking at why Jesus is special this half term. So the children have drawn pictures of their special friends and said why they are special to them and how they met each other.

We had a Sports Day theme for the first 3 days back after half term. The children had to design either an obstacle course, team mascot or family team kit. Below are some of their creations.

Obstacle Course

Team kits


Some children in Class 2 took part in creating a world record in Art with Rob Biddulph. Here is some of their fantastic art work.

The children were asked to create either a model, or a fact file, of an animal they might see on a safari trip. I think you will agree, that they were very creative!

Lots more fantastic books read and reviewed by Class 2, during the week of 18th May 2020.

This week Class 2 chose their favourite story from the New Testament.

Class 2 were asked to choose their favourite story from The Old Testament and draw a picture and write about it.

Week 11th May - This week we have been reading The Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson. The children wrote a character description and designed a 'WANTED' poster for his capture.

Before we read The Highway Rat we made a fact file all about 'RATS'. We learnt some interesting facts!

Book Reviews Week 11th May 2020 - Lots of fantastic reading has been happening this week!

We have been looking at a poem by Kit Wright called "Dad and the Cat and the Tree". The children wrote their endings as to how Dad might have got down from the tree. 

Isabel and Robyn wrote their own endings in the style of the poem. I think they have done a tremendous job and I am very proud of them both. Listen to them reading their poems and see if you agree with me.

We have been comparing 2 stories - We're Going on a Bear Hunt and We're Going on a Lion Hunt this week. The children have written a letter to the Bear from the Lion, which you can see below.They also did some actions for the story We're going on a Lion Hunt. I will upload 5 videos at a time and change them midweek.

I asked the children to choose their own book to read at home this week and then complete a book review. Wow there has been lots of super reading taking place. Well done and keep reading!

In Geography we have been looking at animals that we might see on a safari in Kenya. The children have drawn some fantastic pictures.

Robyn has been very creative with her Science work this week.

Bryn using his toy trains to help him with his Maths work.

In Science we have been learning about the different ways we can group animals. Here is a selection of some of your wonderful work.

Some of your fantastic Geography work on Kenya.

Isabel's fantastic poem about Superworm.

Some of your fantastic Julia Donaldson character descriptions. Well done they are great.

Suzie's fab Science work on Insects.

Robyn has been very creative with her Science work!

Robyn has made a fantastic information book on castles. Well done you have worked really hard on this.

Maya S has also created a super information booklet about castles. Fantastic Maya!

Here are some of your wonderful Easter creations. Well done!

SCIENCE - Here is some of your work on Evergreen and Deciduous trees.

Time capsules and letters that Class 2 wrote to go inside them.