Please do encourage your child to go on TT Rockstars and Numbots daily, as it will help immensely with their timetables.


General information and resources

This is a general guide to some resources that you could use at home to help with your child's learning as and when required. I will aim to upload tasks for English and Maths daily and choose some online reading books for you to do with your child from Serial Mash.

These are very difficult times for all of us so please just try your best and stay well and healthy. Mrs White


WRITING IDEAS -In order to encourage our children's writing skills I believe it is important to allow children to also write about what interests them. They may like to -

Keep a short diary each day of what you do while we are not at school and draw a picture. We could then share them together once we are back at school.

Write the letters of the alphabet in order. Choose something that begins with each letter such as children’s names, animals, countries, food.

Write a short story.

Create a factual book about their interest or hobby.

Let them be creative and enjoy writing!



Please do mark your children's work each day as best you can to give them some encouragement!

YEAR 1 - Please do ensure that your child can recognise each of the sounds on the word mats below. Most children will be confident with phase 3 but they need to be able to recognise the alternative pronunciations in phase 5. Show them the grapheme and ask them to say the sound or give them the sound and ask them to write the grapheme for it. Point out the ones they are unsure of when reading together.

These are the Common Exception Words that your child should be able to read and spell at the end of Year 1 and Year 2. I have also included the ones your child will learn in Year 3 as well. Please practise them at home with your child. Thank you.

Book Review Templates