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Class 2

Well done on all of your super learning so far during lockdown, we are extremely pleased with all your hard work and your fantastic attitude towards your learning. Keep it up:)

Please do keep sending in pictures via Seesaw, as we enjoy seeing what you are all up to. Thank you Mummies and Daddies also, for all your support and encouragement during these times, it is greatly appreciated.

Take care and stay safe and hopefully we will see you all again soon.

Mrs White, Miss Evans and Mrs Harper.


Year 1 timetable- w.b 1.3.21

Year 2 Timetable - w.b.1.3.2021

Year 1 timetable- w.b 22.2.21

Year 2 timetable 22.2.2021.

Year 1 timetable w.b 8.2.21

Year 2 timetable w.b. 8.2.21

Year 1 timetable w.b 1.2.21

Year 2 Timetable w.b.1.2.2021

Year 1 timetable w.b 25.1.21

Year 2 Timetable 25.1.2021

Year 1 timetable

Year 2 timetable