Welcome to the Home Learning page for Class 1. 


Please use these links to access the following websites:

Reading Website- Getepic- www.getepic.com - the student/Class 1 code is available in the Inbox on Seesaw. If you go to the Home page and find the STUDENT tab at the top and then enter the Class 1 code. 

Seesaw- you should have received an email off the School Bursar with a link to the Seesaw website and an individual log in code. Please share on here all the super work and activities you are doing with your child. I will on occasions use it to communicate information that I do not want 'the public' to see such as specific log in codes for websites. If I put anything on Seesaw I will let you know via the school website. If you do have any problems please contact the School Bursar via her email and we will try to sort out your problems as soon as possible. 

Letters and Sounds for home and school - Google Letters and Sounds for home and school and go to the top youtube channel link. Once there find the heading Reception Lessons - each day there is a new lesson uploaded at 10 am. The phonics lesson is about 15 minutes and provides you with a full phonics lesson. If you feel your child needs a little more help with blending then scroll a bot further down the page to find the heading Learning to Blend - again there is a daily lesson. It might be handy to have some paper or a whiteboard to have a go at spelling/writing some of the words too. 

Being Active: on here I will add links to specific websites that encourage your child to be active. Once accessed you can choose an activity to do. Each week I will refer to perhaps one particular website that might link to the book we are looking at together. There are lots of other websites to keep your child active so please visit the ones your child enjoys. 

These websites are: CBBC/Cbeebies- Andy's Wild Workout series. 

Boogie Beebies- you will need to go to youtube to access more programmes as this series finished years ago. 

BBC Supermovers- videos which help children move whilst they learn. These are aimed at KS1 but the 'Just for Fun' section should be ok. 

NHS- Change4life- the website address is www.nhs.uk/change4life - on here there are lots of different physical activities linked to Disney/Star Wars etc. They include 10 minutes Shake Up games and Indoor Activities. 

Joe Wicks Daily Live PE- this is at 9 am each morning on youtube. 

Lancashire School Games - PE - if some of you have older brothers or sisters in school on their Class Home Learning tabs there is now a Lancashire School Games link which provides a weekly timetable for physical activities. 

Music-Home Learning -tab on each Class Home Learning page. There are some Songs to get Moving- have fun! 


Please find below a General Information page and the EYFS Home Learning sheet that came with your child's home learning journal. 

LPDS Home Learning Resources:

I will update this as the Lancashire Team add more. 

Weekly Activities:

Week beginning 13th July  

 I hope to set up another Zoom Meeting for the children this week but I'm not sure when yet. Please keep looking on Seesaw for when and the access code. 

I have continued to focus upon addition and subtraction again this week as this is what we are focusing upon in school. 

Please find below some information about Key Learning in Mathematics. 

Key Learning in Mathematics -EYFS

Additional Maths Resources: 

Resources for the game on Friday. 

Number Formation:

Please practise writing the numerals in your home learning journal or on a whiteboard if you have one. Please ensure your child is forming them correctly. Thank you. 


I have now placed all the handwriting sheets on here. Where there is more than one sheet of a letter please choose the first sheet (closed letters).  Please have a try with them and just do a bit at a time. If you feel your child is confident with the letter formation try and encourage them to write them this way when they are doing any writing of their own. 

Helpful Resources: please scroll down for the phoneme mat. I will leave this on for a few more days to give you a chance to download it or print one out to keep using throughout this home learning period.

Tricky Words: the children only need to learn phases 2 to 4 included.