Church and Worship

Worship in school during COVID 19

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we are not allowed to have full school gatherings in the hall for worship. Therefore, this term (or until restrictions ease) all our worship will be in class. Each morning, each teacher puts a cloth on the worship table and lights a candle.

On Monday morning, the headteacher will lead a live Zoom worship from her office. This half term, we will be learning more about Jesus through focusing on his hands: welcoming hands; praying hands; healing hands; powerful hands; teaching hands and loving hands.

On Tuesday we are following Blackburn Diocese online worship ‘Worship together across the Diocese’ which are available each week on You Tube.

On Wednesday, Revd Julie will be recording a message for the children. She will be focusing on who Jesus is and what Jesus said about who He was.

On Thursday the class teachers will lead worship using the Lion Storyteller Bible (Family Bible) and learning once again about God’s Big Story.

On Friday, the children will reflect on the story shared on Thursday and explore the story practically. We will not be singing (due to COVID) but we will listen to worship music.

During this time, we will not be worshipping in church.

Worship in school (currently on hold)

Worship is at the heart of our school life. We celebrate worship as a whole school at 9:00am every morning so that we begin the day focusing on God and His word.

A different member of the school community leads worship every day: the Headteacher - Monday; deputy headteacher - Tuesday; Rev Julie - Wednesday; member of staff - Thursday.

Our children worship God through their singing. Worship songs can either be sung to backing tracks and videos, or are accompanied by the headteacher playing the piano. We are delighted that FOSTS fund-raising has resulted in a beautiful new piano which can now be used to enhance our worship. 

Our week ends with a Good News Worship on Friday, to which parents, carers, grandparents and other members of the church/ school family are invited. As a whole school community, we then celebrate the achievements of the children that week, both inside and outside school. We also celebrate children who have demonstrated our focus Christian value throughout the week. We use this time to show the children how much we value them. These Friday worships are very well attended and often have standing room only! We are so grateful for the excellent relationships between parents, school and church.  We end with a song and prayer.

Once per half term, members of the church organise tea and toast for the school parents and grandparents in the Narthex, following special Friday Worships, such as our Superstars. This is well attended and provides  a time for relaxation and refreshment in church.

St Thomas' Worship Group

We have a group of children who will help to plan and organise our collective worship sessions. They will also help to develop our outdoor prayer space.

The children meet with Mrs White and Mrs Duckworth to discuss ideas. Worship Group is also supported by our RE/worship governor and Diocesan Adviser, Mrs Daphne Jordan

When we hold services in church our worship group will help to organise these and lead the services, working alongside out vicar, Revd Julie.

They are very important leaders in our school, not just for the collective worship sessions but also in being role models for our school Christian values.

Our Worship Group plan and lead our Epiphany Worship 2020

Our Worship group have lead their first act of worship in school, having planned an Epiphany Service which included music, drama, readings and prayers. They did a wonderful job in front of the whole school and parents.

Worship in church

Throughout the year, the whole school will take part in worship in St Thomas' church. Such services include:

  • Harvest Festival
  • Advent
  • Our evening Carol Service
  • Education Sunday
  • Our Easter celebration worship
  • Leavers' service 
  • Bible Service, during which Bibles are donated to Reception and year 3 children by the church. 

In addition, various events are organised as a church/school collaboration including the Christmas Fair and Fashion and Fizz evening.

We also perform our Infant Nativity in church which is very special indeed. 

These services are always led by Rev Julie and the children.