Church and Worship

Worship is at the heart of our school life. We celebrate worship as a whole school at 9:00am every morning so that we begin the day focusing on God and His word.

A different member of the school community leads worship every day: the Headteacher - Monday; staff member - Tuesday; Deputy Headteacher - Wednesday; Rev Julie or PCC - Thursday.

Our week ends with a Good News Worship on Friday, to which parents, carers, grandparents and other members of the church/ school family are invited. The Good News Worship begins with a verse from the Bible followed by a short focus and reflection led by the Headteacher. As a whole school community, we then celebrate the achievements of the children that week, both inside and outside school. We use this time to show the children how much we value them. These Friday worships are very well attended and often have standing room only! We are so grateful for the excellent relationships between parents, school and church.  We end with a song and prayer.

Once per half term, members of the church organise tea and toast for the school parents and grandparents in the Narthex, following special Friday Worships, such as our Superstars. This is well attended and provides  a time for relaxation and refreshment in church.